Off Site or Field Investigations can be much more complicated than internal investigations because a great deal of “X-Factors” must be accounted for in real-time and safely and legally negotiated when working to follow the evidence to:


·         Theft and Transportation of Inventory

·         Narcotics Dealing or Distribution

·         Personal or Executive Protection

·         Conflict of Interest Activities

·         Undercover Investigations

·         Intentional Sabotage

·         Corporate Espionage

·         Reports of Stalking

·         and Etceteras

Investigator Hidden in Plain Sight

The scope and range of Off Site Investigations “OSI” operations are so varied, wide-ranging to simple, that even attempting to delve into how such investigations evolve into actionable plans of response or a direct action would be a disservice to try and “nutshell” via this website venue.


Moreover, the methods of OSI operations are proprietary and undercover operator identities shall remain protected for Operational Security Purposes.


Nevertheless, the man pictured to your right is this Firm’s lead trainer, investigator and has over 32 years of combined military and civilian law enforcement and private sector investigative experience on top of over two decades as an educator in the many areas associated with private investigations.



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“If they are not talking to you then they are talking about you.”

Untoward or otherwise questionable employee behavior outside the workplace can directly or indirectly negatively impact the balance of the workplace environment.  This is not a privacy issue away from work if an employee is engaging in illegal behavior or even immoral behavior that could bring embarrassment onto an organization and result in major workplace disruptions or governmental involvement on a local, state or federal level.


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