Q: How much does it cost to hire your private detective agency?


A: Every client’s needs are different depending on the specifics of the type of private investigation that they are wishing to discuss.  The PI rate can vary from $60.00 to $150.00 per hour per investigator and per day.


For example, a high-risk exec protect requires substantial resources and usually at a moment’s notice.  Some situations may require only a solitary bodyguard while others may require an advance team, vehicle convoys, counter surveillance bug sweeping, and personnel arriving with unbelievable resumes and amazing client lists both on the U.S. Soil and abroad.


Undercover operators are specially trained and experienced, and further details on how this specific area of this Firm’s operational services can be discussed in-person.


Plainly stated, every situation is different and will require an onsite assessment and submitted quote time permitting.


Q: I think I need an undercover operative or operatives for a short time.  How do I go about arranging this type of special investigation, and what can I expect from your Firm?

A: Each undercover operative from this Firm is specifically trained to go into an existing business with a working knowledge of human resources, labor law, criminal law, civil law, the evidence code, and each are experienced in gathering actionable intelligence designed to ferret out where the problem is followed by detailed reports, declarations, and etceteras.


Q: I have a former employee who worked for me for a week and then went out on an injury.  I would like to confirm if this is the case or not.  What should I do?


A: Public domain surveillance while gathering video (not audio and not in a familial setting) and photographic evidence on 35 mm film is the preferred method of determining the veracity of a former employee’s claim of injury, but it may be necessary to install undercover operatives who can get close to such a person to learn the truths and falsehoods.


The by-product of this approach is that undercover operatives do not restrict themselves to reporting only what they are assigned to investigate but also report on all that they see and hear and produce written reports and declarations on other witnessed activities if necessary.


Q: What area does your Firm cover?


A: Investigative Operations are available from Sacramento to Fresno and in most cities and towns between and within the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.  This is called the Firm’s Area of Operation or “AO.”


Q: Okay, I’d like to talk to someone from your Firm.  How should I go about this?


A: Please feel free to email pi(at)mercatoresmc(dot)com and request a callback to schedule a telephone conference with a lead investigator.  This may develop into an in-person interview to further discuss how the Firm may be of service.  There is no charge for the call or the meeting within the Firm’s Area of Operation.



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How to contact and set up a telephonic and in-person evaluation to see if installing undercover operatives or setting up sting operations, or conducting workman compensation investigations, or launching a personal or executive protection operation is right for you, your business and your family.

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