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California private investigations “PI” or “PIs” are wide ranging insofar as the total scope of possible investigative services that state required licensed private investigators and their employees conduct. 


Some PIs specialize in only a few areas while others launch an expansive net advertising an exceptional number of total services that may or may not be advantageous if the PI is fishing for any work that is available.  The former tends to be a sign of a more stable firm while the latter may be an indication of instability, such as failing to secure multiple revenue streams consistent with self-employment.


This Firm’s background, however, also consists of trying to help people with their variety of personal and professional investigative needs with examples as follows:


Investigation Example 1


A dentist contracted with the Firm to discover which employee or employees was/were stealing cash from patient’s purses.  Investigators went in on scheduled interviews and one employee submitted a resignation letter within just a few short hours—Case Closed.


Investigation Example 2


This Firm was asked to look into a traffic citation that was a serious matter to a criminal defense attorney’s client.  One investigator interviewed neighbors, took street measurements, utilized a Lensatic Compass to shoot a back azimuth to backtrack weather data in order to learn where the Sun was at the time of the citation to establish if the observing officer could have been disadvantaged by glare, and finally established that the trees with no leaves had leaves at the time of the citation thus blocking 80% of the observing officer’s ability to view reported observations—Case Closed


Investigation Example 3


A criminal defense attorney was desperate to find any exculpatory evidence regarding a client who had been accused of rape and was about to be sent to prison for many years.  Investigators uncovered male and female witnesses who placed the “victim” at a park engaging in sexual activities with three males, another male at a party the same evening, and then the suspect all within a 4 hour time-period—reasonable doubt resulted in six months county time.


Investigation Example 4


A family law attorney referred a woman frantic over the non-custodial abduction of her two children by, she believed, her ex-husband; moreover, local law enforcement didn’t have time to actually work the case.  This Firm engaged the matter, located the children, and local law enforcement suddenly took an interest and rescued the children based on this Firm’s investigation—children safely recovered.


Investigation Example 5


A law enforcement agency had served a warrant on a defendant’s home and allegedly recovered a “sizeable” amount of illegal narcotics.  The investigation hinged on informant statements for law enforcement to take action, and a criminal defense attorney briefed investigators on the facts-in-evidence prior to initiating a search for witnesses; however, a more thorough reading of the case file found a fatal flaw in the probable cause affidavit used to secure the warrant signed by the judge involved thus resulting in an immediate dismissal—“fruit of the poisonous tree.”


Investigation Example 6


A woman hired this Firm regarding her husband’s planned “camping trip with friends” somewhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Investigators were able to secure very compelling photographic evidence for the client regarding the spouse that WAS NOT out for the weekend camping with “friends” plural.  The spouse was camping with a “friend” (bookkeeper) singular.  It was not easy to get close enough out in the very isolated bush to get good photographs, but we successfully got close enought with ghillie suits and camouflage.  ~ Top of the Page Photo Credit, A newly re-hired undercover operative.


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“The right thing to do never requires any subterfuge; it is always simple and direct.”


~ President John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (July 4, 1872 – January 5, 1933)

This California Private Detective Investigative Firm approaches all cases without bias or political leanings because the prime directive is to pursue where the facts-in-evidence guides an investigation.  It is not unusual to start off investigating one matter that evolves into a wholly unexpected series of action thriller like “twists and turns” where even seasoned investigators blink away the “suspension of disbelief.”  In any case “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”John Adams, December 1770