Criminal Defense Attorneys have called upon this California Private Detective Agency to assist their clients in securing the best possible pretrial investigations in support of locating, identifying, and presenting key elemental exculpatory points of interests for attorney review that can and has led to countless criminal complaints being dismissed, charges lowered, or previously unconsidered “deals” agreed upon by prosecuting attorneys and accepted by California Superior Courts Criminal.


Free Private Investigations Services in California


Email or call about how your client can receive ten hours or more of absolutely FREE private investigative services subsequent to referring and the posting of bail by this Office’s bail bond agency affiliates.


Apart from the flexibility of writing 8% bail bonds for attorney referrals, affiliate bail bond agencies can also write 7% bail bonds for your clients who have actually paid a retainer and are prepared to submit full premium based on the 7% rate that is approved the California Department of Insurance Commissioner.


Please be advised, there is no such thing as less than 7% bail bond transactional rates in California, and any person who is securing rates below the California minimum may be engaging in an ongoing felonious criminal conspiracy that affiliated bail experts of this private investigations Office could further elaborate on via its expert witnesses on bail and bounty hunting.


Private Investigations Field Case Study


“THE SEARCH WARRANT  based on probable cause and used to secure evidence leading to charges that was (copy thereof) included in the file given to me by the defendant’s criminal defense attorney in order to begin a private investigation to ascertain whether or not real property collateral would be necessary on a large bail bond.


While the defendant’s lawyer assured me the charges would be dismissed by and through a rather lengthy and costly series of criminal court proceedings, I did not find the oral assurances compelling or persuasive enough to write a large signature bond (without collateral) but did not quickly give up.


The conundrum was remedied by “switching hats” and agreeing to investigate the criminal matter on retainer as an investigator for the defense.


My final report was submitted within a couple of hours and included two primary points: the initial arrest report of the defendant, who had clearly become the “focus of an investigation,” did not include any written indication of “mirandizing” the defendant prior to protracted questioning by the initial arresting officer; moreover, the affidavit by the investigating officer described and mentioned the Correct Address several times initially BUT then concluded by requesting the search warrant for the Wrong Address!


In essence, the affidavit started by listing a correct address several times, ended with listing the wrong address, and then the search warrant was then ultimately executed on the wrong address resulting in a happy criminal defense attorney who admirably admitted to missing the later declared defective search warrant that had quickly become ripe for a law and motion hearing wherein a motion for an immediate dismissal would be at issue and therefore a large signature bond was in fact posted while the motion for dismissal was pending.


A signature bond that others passed on (the premium was secured from an out of state relative no one else had thought to ask for help) became reasonable when I as an assisting underwriter (this was not my bond and I was merely acting in a small business consultant capacity and in a manner consistent with various licenses) believed that any posted large bond would exonerate due to the defective nature of the search warrant when considering the “fruit of the poisonous tree” exclusionary rule that would predictably make anything found at the wrong address inadmissible in court, based on my personal opinion as a layman.


Even if the new bail client jumped bail and ran then “hats” are switched yet again to either bounty hunter or bail agent for the surety moving a court to vacate the forfeiture and order the bond exonerated resulting in separate commissions of which I did not anticipate would be necessary and correctly lined up the underwriting equations to do the bail calculus on this decidedly complicated underwriting small business consultation gig.


The morals and lessons in bail underwriting are plentiful in the above true story, and the best bail agents in the California Bail Industry do not practice underwriting by blowing off callers within 30 seconds and all of which begins by one very important aspect of running a successful bail bond company—Answer Your Bail Line Each and Every Time it Rings, or else another bail agent will figure out a way to write the bail bond.”


~ Opinion Editorial by Expert Bail and Bounty Hunting Witness, Rex Venator.


Copyright 2004  RV Detective Agency, All Rights Reserved

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There are 58 District Attorneys “DA” in California, and every DA has peace officer DA investigators who go out and seek to secure the best possible witnesses and evidence against criminal defense attorney clients.


Bearing in mind the premise of “equity under the law,” it only makes sense that those pretrial accused also have access to the best possible investigative teams in the State of California that includes this California Private Detective Agency.


Investigators for this agency have, in point of fact, quested at the behest of criminal defense attorneys on what are categorized as either minor or serious offenses but are always serious to the clients of criminal defense attorneys irrespective of what the outside world considers such cases.


This Office in cooperation with a statewide legion of private investigators is prepared to set out and quest for your clients after all parties agree to all terms and conditions of course.