The harsh reality is that some men and women do, in point of historical fact, have extramarital affairs or otherwise make that conscious decision to cheat on their husbands or wives and with no regard to the harsh or painful consequences: health concerns, legal separation, divorce, family court, child visitation, child support, alimony, division of property, domestic violence, jail, bail and going bankrupt on both civil and criminal attorneys.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse or Fiancé Investigation

The causational influences, rationalizations, excuses, justifications, or other reasons for a straying husband or wife or fiancé may or may not be just as important to learning the truth about a spouse’s fidelity or lack thereof in order to properly “reverse engineer” a California private investigation and potential surveillance operation to learn the best way to gather evidence and within the legal limits of California laws.


In many cases, a man or woman will take note of the “signs” that rouse suspicions as to the questionable fidelity of a husband or wife or fiancé to the extent that many affairs are discovered internally within the marriage or relationship and no external private investigation is necessary; however, in our busy lives trying to survive in a difficult economy, we sometimes are simply not paying attention to the “signs” or the other half is too crafty and methodical to get caught by standard means.


To catch a cheating spouse is not a “check the box” standard “one size fits all” “cookie cutter” investigative process, for every single private investigation is unique and will most likely require a wholly customized operational approach from a private investigations methodology perspective.


It would be a disservice to a troubled person to attempt to offer here “Frequently Asked Questions” because no two investigations and investigative subjects are the same; consequently, it will be necessary to conduct a preliminary telephone interview with a California licensed private investigations firm investigator followed by an in-person lengthy interview to determine whether or not an investigation is even warranted.


To put this matter as succinct as is possible, please take a moment and read below a real-life example of the way this Firm closed a Cheating Spouse Investigation by and through the use of unorthodox methods.

California Private Investigation Example 7


(Shared at the behest of and with Permission from the Client)


Spousal Surveillance – Undercover Operations – Discovering the Truth


The female half tells the male half that her gynecologist reported detection of “abnormal cells” on her cervix and performed a loop electrosurgical excision procedure, or “LEEP,” after a Pap test.


The female half further tells the male half that she cannot have sexual intercourse for 14-days and not before her appointment at around the same 14-day time period.


The male half contracts with this Private Investigation Firm because in his view the female half’s behaviors and patterns showed subtle to not so subtle deviations to include the routine claiming of being at a local gym but had only been sporadically working out for several weeks.


Private Investigation Case Background


The couple met at the aforementioned gym and began dating for one year.


The male half was about to go on “partner track” at a growing law firm with average to above-average income and moderate assets.


The female half worked in a retail position part-time after securing a four-year degree in an area where marketability for work in her field of study was not likely.


The couple married and purchased real estate followed by the male half eventually “going on partner track” with a massive increase in work hours to include nights, weekends and holidays.  At or about this same time, the female half no longer had to work.  It was during this time that the female half upgraded her vehicle, wardrobe, and installed the upgrades in a newer and larger home located in an affluent area.


After five years, the male half completed the “partner track” ordeal and was promoted, but he had learned that the female part had been opening complaining at the local gym, where they both worked-out independently, that the male half was “never home,” inattentive, “always tired,” and “never wanted to do anything.”


The male half, now a partner, had more free-time, and grew suspicious of the female half’s indifference towards him and apathy of his interests.  That the female half’s time away from home was increasing in combination with other “signs” triggered this Private Investigation Firm’s involvement.


The Private Investigation


A female undercover operative “UCO” was briefed on the background and provided with detailed information about the now female subject’s “Subject” hobbies, interests and patterns.


The UCO began to frequent the same local gym and engaged the Subject complaining about her own imaginary husband always being at work, and sharing other “common interests” learned from the male half’s prior interview.


On the morning of the gynecological appointment, the UCO just so happened to be in the waiting room when the Subject arrived for her appointment. 


The following is what the UCO learned from the Subject herself:


·         The Subject did not have “abnormal cells” or a LEEP procedure;

·         The Subject had been told by her unemployed and muscular “secret lover” to go get checked for Chlamydia;

·         The Subject was also concerned that “protection” was not used with her “secret lover” “in the heat of the moment” while in the back seat of her vehicle while in a city parking garage, and therefore the subject didn’t want to have sexual intercourse with the male half to avoid confusion over fatherhood or to be found out by passing the confirmed case of Chlamydia to the male half;

·         The Subject had grown accustomed to her “standard of living” and believed her “secret lover” “had no ambition or future” other than maintaining his “sexy body.”

·         Hence, the no sex for 14-days “doctor’s orders” proclamation was true but not for the reasons claimed by the Subject.


Investigative Epilogue


The male half has filed for divorce, and all assets are frozen until the division of property is finalized.  Alimony and the male half’s retirement remains at issue.


The brokenhearted male half contacted this Private Investigation Firm and suggested that his story be told as a cautionary tale for others to study and hopefully find ways to avoid the pitfalls that lead to such marital calamities.


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