Discovering and exposing evildoers is a largely unpredictable but a necessary venture in order for one to protect and secure the financial stability of a business or corporation but also to keep the business owners from becoming unknowingly susceptible to not just civil but criminal liability as well; it wouldn’t be a reach to imagine an employee wrongly offering up his or her employer  as an accomplice while being “flipped” during a government investigation.


While most resort to walking the progressive path of impure thoughts that leads to subterfuge and then thievery as a single crime that may or may not mature into an ongoing pattern of criminal activity, some start off with Mens Rea (a guilty mind) and plan on actus reus or a “guilty act” when applying for a job position and therefore enter into the employee-employer relationship as criminals.


Such people may and have been known to become slightly to extremely hostile when being confronted by a supervisor, manager or human resources employee and even escalate to threatening, stalking, vandalism of property, and even present as capable of inflicting great bodily injury or otherwise make one believe and feel that he or she is in danger of being murdered.


The immediate response would be to contact law enforcement and seek a restraining order, but history tells us that law enforcement personnel cannot be present at all times, and some criminals couldn’t care less about a piece of paper.


This Firm is authorized by law and staffed with trained and experienced personnel who provide personal and executive protection incidental to an ongoing private investigation.


Many of this Firm’s bodyguards come for the SpecWar and bounty hunting communities and therefore are no strangers to hostiles and how to protect principles, their employees and their families while working to secure information, informants, and evidence to be handed off to its clients and law enforcement to better engage a threat legally and safely.


This bodyguard service that is incidental to an investigation wraps this Firm’s service offerings in order to keep said offerings very limited and specialized as a meaningful service to its longtime and new clients.


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Workplace violence has been a constant in recent decades, but a violent person who is found out for bad behavior or illegal acts may fixate on an employer or manager or business owner as the object of his or her destruction and harass or vandalize or stalk or threaten and with threats being viable enough to seek professional protection incidental to an investigation.  This California Employer Investigations Firm also is prepared to provide personal and executive protection with operators who know legal boundaries and how to achieve maximum protection for principles and their families.